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The Admin-System Employer Dashboard is the ultimate command center for employers, providing them with unparalleled authority.

The Admin-system bidder dashboard provides staff-level permission to the user, enabling them to perform a variety of tasks.

The admin-system writer dashboard provides real-time updates on order progress for writers.

Multiple accounts

The Admin-system offers employers the ability to effortlessly register multiple accounts, accompanied by its advanced features that enable precise tracking of financial metrics. These metrics include writers' earnings, bidders' earnings, employer profits, bonuses, fines, and total previous earnings for each registered account. Additionally, the system provides an insightful analysis of the overall output generated by all registered accounts across various platforms.

Emailing and archiving feature

The emailing feature integrated into the Admin-system empowers the employer to send targeted emails to individual writers or distribute a general email to the entire workforce with a single click.

The system allows for the completion or closure of paid orders, which can then be archived to provide a more efficient and organized workflow.

Profit calculation automation

The Admin-system accurately calculates the profits of employers after deducting payments made to bidders and writers, regardless of the number of fines and bonuses imposed on orders.

Rating and badge system

The badge and rating level showcase the writer's performance and reputation on the platform, reflecting their skills and professionalism. Based on the overall rating, the system assigns a writer badge, such as gold, silver, or bronze, to recognize the writer's performance.

Top-ranked and lowest-ranked writers in terms of pay and rating

The Admin-system allows employers to identify the highest-paid and highest-rated writers, as well as the lowest-paid and lowest-rated writers. This feature facilitates tracking of writers' professionalism and performance.

How it works
How it Works?